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Yes, links

I have a couple of degrees from here
I'm employed by this corporation.
I live in this city, which is somewhat near this city.
I got married on June 3rd 2006!

My wife and my little sister both have livejournal pages. I have a livejournal account, but I don't actually use it as a journal.

I like to read Pokey the Penguin and Penny Arcade. I think I read the entire archive of Bob the Angry Flower too. Most web comics are only funny to a small group of people. Probably these ones too.

I use Google a zillion times a day. But who doesn't? I browse the web with Mozilla Firefox. Goodbye, popup ads. You should, too. In addition, I run Ubuntu GNU/Linux on my computer. Ok, so I also have a computer running Windows XP, and I now have a MacBook Pro as well. What can I say, I'm well-rounded.

Mad props to Vito for providing me with hosting on his server.

I made this page by hand in Emacs, and I remembered that I suck at html. But hey, it validates fine.

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