Just cleaning up and rearranging my webspace. I'd like to take a moment to declare this project officially dead. I toyed with rewriting it in C#, but didn't have the motivation. Maybe I'll get bored eventually and make it work with Doom 3, who knows? Also, the last paragraph on this page makes me giggle, since I have a gig of ram in both of my desktop machines.


Wad2Map is now released under the GNU General Public License. The source code is available for download on the Downloads page. I'm busy with school, and probably won't get around to adding new features, but let me know if you implement anything cool.


First public release of Wad2Map. You can find out more about it on the Info page, or download it on the Download page. This version converts level geometry and things only, it does not support textures yet. The next release should contain some basic texture support, and will also have source code released under the GPL. Be patient, it will be out soon. I need to implement a few more things before releasing the source. Linux version will be out in a day or so, as soon as I get my act together. (Going back to school and all tends to take up my time.)

Incidentally, does anyone know why in VC++ 6, building with debug set to "edit and continue" makes this program work, but building with no debug info, or any other debug setting causes it to produce bad output? I'm stumped.

Development would probably be progressing more quickly if I had more RAM. 64 Megs doesn't seem to cut it when it comes to compiling Q3A maps. This means I have to send the maps produced by wad2map to someone else to compile. This seriously cuts into my "screwing around testing stuff" phase. Anyone got a spare 64Mb PC100 DIMM they want to send me? :)