Tab Preview


Tab Preview is an extension for Firefox 1.5 or newer that shows a preview of tab contents when you move your mouse over a background tab. It's simple to use, but surprisingly useful.

Install and try it out!

Screenshot of Firefox showing the Google homepage in the foreground, with a background tab being previewed showing the Mozilla homepage

Also check out the options available. Go to the Tools -> Extensions menu, click on the Tab Preview entry, and click the Options button.

Screenshot of the Tab Preview options panel

Technical Info

Tab Preview uses the drawWindow method of the HTML canvas element defined in the WHAT-WG spec. This is implemented in Firefox 1.5 or newer.

Please note that if you build your own Firefox from source, you'll need to have --enable-canvas in your build configuration. You can check to see if this is the case by typing about:buildconfig into the URL bar. If you see an empty gray box instead of a preview, this is probably the case. (Gentoo users can reportedly add the "mozsvg" USE flag.)


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