I am no longer actively maintaining FxIF. Christian Eyrich has graciously agreed to take over maintainership and has added lots of new features. You can visit his FxIF page for more information. There's also the FxIF page at addons.mozilla.org, as well as the FxIF Google Code project.


FxIF (Firefox exIF) allows you to view the EXIF data contained in JPEG images from the convenience of your Firefox browser. Most digital cameras add this data to all images you take.

FxIF is written entirely in javascript, and as such should be portable to all platforms that Mozilla runs on.


After installing FxIF, simply right click on an image, then click "Properties". The EXIF data will be displayed in the properties window.

The Firefox Context Menu contains a Properties item Invoking the properties item on an image displays the EXIF data


Version 0.2.3: 2007/08/06

Version 0.2.2: 2005/10/22

Version 0.2.1: 2005/04/13

Version 0.2: 2005/04/11

Version 0.1: 2005/04/08

Initial release


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